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    We all know that getting the right mix of paint to thinner is crucial to getting the perfect coat. How much is the right amount? Every paint manufacturer gives recomendations for thier own thinner, but what about all the other paint ranges? Luckily, we have a solution. Ulitimate Modelling Products has a universal thinner that works with all known brands of modellers acrylic paint. You can pickup some at the UMP online store located at http://www.umpretail.com.

    How to use?

    No thinner is very good if it isn't clear on how much to use. The master modellers at UMP have done extensive testing to determine how much thinner should be added to a wide variety of common paint ranges. Use the form below to decide how much you need.

    What paint range are you using?

    How Much do you want (in mL)?